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Simple, Not Easy

Parkinson's Disease - incurable, chronic, and progressive. The "What Ifs" can be a lot to worry about - body failure, job loss, financial ruin, vivorce, dying in a nursing home. Looking like one of those people in the neurologist's waiting room,...

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What Does Support Look Like?

The Summer 2010 issue of the Young Parkinson's Newsletter begins a new series on networking with an article about finding a support group. The article focuses on the mechanics of searching for and evaluating a support group to determine if it is a good fit. However, the newsletter format is too brief to address a more fundamental question: What is support supposed to look like?

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About the Author

Paul Short, PhD

Dr. Paul Short, The Parkinson's Coach, provides Internet-based coaching to individuals and famlies challenged by Parkinson's disease and helps them develop personalized plans for coping with the disease.