Blog Archive for November 2010

Love, Other Drugs and Young Onset Parkinson's

Edward Zwick's latest comedy, "Love and Other Drugs", premieres this week amid great fanfare. I have not seen the film as of this writing so I don't know how it treats Parkinson's disease as it is experienced by a young adult. Depending upon the film's accuracy, plausibility, and general approach to the subject of PD, I will be blogging my thoughts in the weeks to come, though.

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Cooling Down the Simmering Anxiety Pot

In my last blog, I discussed how common anxiety is with PD. However, pointing out that both the person with the disease and the people who love them can become anxious acknowledges but does not guide anyone about what to do about the situation. In keeping with my promise to discuss solutions, I will lay out a broad plan of attack for dealing with anxiety.

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