Blog Archive for April 2011

Information Overload?

I monitor several Twitter feeds about Parkinson’s research, treatment, and prevention. This means that I am deluged daily with more information than I can possibly absorb. It is a daunting task trying to make sense of the random bits of information that come across my computer screen and iPhone.

What does it all mean?

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Why Do I Cry?

Do you sometimes find yourself crying in response to insignificant incidents? Is the tendency to weep easily something that is new and uncharacteristic of you? Is the tearful response uncontrollable and disproportionate to the event that set it off? Does this crying occur when you were not feeling sad or depressed? Is the outburst sometimes incongruent with the event that set it off, such as crying when one hears a funny joke or the converse such as inappropriate laughing when feeling sad or stressed.

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