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Fear, Divorce & Parkinson's Disease

"My marriage is hell but it is better than being on my own. What will I do if I need someone to look after me when my PD gets worse?”

It is a question I am asked a lot by men and women with early PD. The answer, of course, is that I don’t have an answer. However, it is a question that is important to explore.

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I once heard a motivational speaker talk about meeting a one-legged ice-skater. This individual had been an avid skater but lost a leg in an accident. He struggled on the ice everyday, learning to do what he dearly loved in a new way. When he spoke to the person relating this story, this man said that he wished for nothing less than to become the best one-legged skater possible. His story illustrates a profound application of what has been called the Serenity prayer:

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