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Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?

“I have Parkinson's. Who could possibly find me sexy?”

There is no question PD can make the physical act of sex difficult. If one makes being sexy dependent upon consummated intercourse then it would be very difficult to see oneself as sexy.

If sexuality is more than a physical act, then the question is misplaced altogether. It is not others who doubt an individual’s sexiness. Rather, it is the person asking the question.

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A Burden?

While at the recent 6th Annual Living Well retreat sponsored by the Parkinson Foundation of Western Pennsylvania, I heard a familiar refrain during informal discussions with attendees:

“I am a burden to my family.”

My Mac’s dictionary defines “burden” as a heavy load. There is also a more figurative definition for the word, one describing duty or misfortune that causes hardship, anxiety, or grief. It is helpful to look at both definitions.

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