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It’s A Date

I have been asked by several readers to discuss the topic of dating and Parkinson’s disease. I think it is helpful to start by thinking back to when we all first began dating.

Most of us remember well the awkwardness and insecurity the dating process produced during our early adolescence. From the multiple doubts about the possibility the person will say no to the worries that there will be nothing to talk about, dating was an anxiety-provoking experience for many young men and women. It strikes me that Parkinson’s brings back many of those fears we all shared.

Many individuals who acquire PD early in life are single. They may have been enjoying exciting careers, experimenting with life, looking for the perfect relationship or emerging from the least perfect relationship imaginable. The sudden emergence of PD can make being alone particularly frightening. All of us manage stress better when we are supported by a loving partner. The need to find that support can be a powerful drive, one that can cause a person to lose sight of why we date.

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If you haven’t, then I would recommend you stop while you are ahead. Nothing breeds guilt, unhappiness and self-directed anger so much as a broken New Year’s resolution.

It is human nature to try to turn moments like a fresh year into an opportunity to improve our lives. When such moments occur during a time other than January 1, we more typically call them goals or aspirations. I don’t think it is necessary to change this perfectly good terminology into the looming and somewhat legalistic sounding New Year’s resolution (as in “Be It RESOLVED…).

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