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Out of Control? Dopamine Agonist Danger Signs

In my last blog, I discussed how PD dopamine agonists can cause compulsive behaviors in some patients. A recent study suggested that this could occur in as many as 13% of patients taking these drugs. I would now like to look at signs that should trigger concerns about compulsivity.

Any behavior that seems to have taken on a life of its own should trigger an evaluation for compulsivity. Endless hours at the computer to the exclusion of time with the family would be one example; hypersexuality another. So would purchases of reams of lottery tickets or an enthusiasm for the daily trading of financial instruments. Many activities would not typically be considered compulsive because they result in positive outcomes. For example, compulsive cleaning or yardwork can produce a tidy, well-kept home. But if these behaviors are relatively new or have become exaggerated over time, there is likely to be a problem.

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