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Should I Go On Disability?

Should I go on disability because of my PD?

There is obviously no universal or even best answer to this question. Each individual must come to a conclusion best fitting unique needs and circumstances. However, there are some very common concerns that each person should at least consider during the decision making process.

First, and most obvious, is the issue of standard of living. Disability income is real income but it can never match your current salary. It might be necessary to allow yourself some transition time in order to adjust financial obligations to a reduced income. This may mean selling cars or homes to reduce loan obligations or it may entail a thorough search of local resources to assist individuals on a fixed income. Disability need not mean extreme financial stress if the process is well-planned.

Second, is a disability consideration arising out of a mood disorder or anxiety? Research has begun to show that mental health and quality of life issues account for a great deal of the burden PD brings. Depression and anxiety disorders tend to be the norm rather than the exception for folks with PD. Is it possible that consulting with a mental health professional to treat psychiatric concerns might provide you with a few more years of productivity?

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