Speaking Effectively

Speaking Effectively

A Strategic Guide For Speaking and Swallowing

Speaking Effectively 08

Changes in the ability to communicate may often occur in people who have Parkinson’s disease (PD). These changes may result in social isolation and social withdrawal. Some individuals have described “the speech and voice difficulty as the most debilitating of their Parkinson’s symptoms leaving them unable to effectively communicate, and in some cases, limiting employment opportunities.”

This booklet is intended to provide persons with PD, spouses, other family members, care providers, and friends with information on speech, voice and
swallowing function related to PD. Information about the signs, symptoms, evaluation and the treatment process are discussed. Strategies or tools that are needed to effectively communicate in daily living activities are also included. Another purpose of this booklet is to emphasize and encourage persons with PD to seek early intervention for their speech, voice or swallowing difficulties from a certified speech-language pathologist.

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