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People with young onset Parkinson's disease, their family members and their friends often find that they want to "do something" active to show themselves and the world that they won't let Parkinson's slow them down. Help us spread Optimism by increasing awareness and raising funds for critical research, education, and support services. Your support will make a difference to people with Parkinson's now and in the future.

You can now search online for an existing event, or gather your family, friends, co-workers and community members to start your own event. We will provide all of the tools to get your event started, including our Event Starter Kit

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Learn more about donating to the nation's only  national Parkinson's Young Onset center here.

An Optimism Success Story

I've always believed you could do anything if you believed in it and did the work, and I've always tried to convey this to my sons. Bill G1My three sons and I all do Tae Kwon Do. I actually had just started when first diagnosed and had intended to only do it until my youngest was comfortable and he decided to keep going. However, I found Tae Kwon Do to be extremely helpful with my symptoms. Now, I can only speak for myself - and each one of us should find what works for us - but every time I completed a Tae Kwon Do class my symptoms would for the most part be alleviated or at least greatly diminished. And the emotional lift I achieved I haven't found with anything else. In November, 2011 I succeeded in passing my test and received my Black Belt. 

In May, 2012, together with my Tae Kwon Do school, I organized a  regional Tae Kwon Do Championship to help raise money for PD in May 2012. I  helped in the organization and planning, and my piece of the action involved many emails with APDA, organizing a donation table for the event, setting the Web page for online donations, sending the link to every possible person I knew, and contacting media sources. My goal was $1000 and we raised $1300 and change. It was a wonderful experience, especially when a 13-year-old young man offered his only dollar saying "It's not much, but I really want to help." There was really nothing else that could have made it any more rewarding.

- Bill 


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