Toolkit: Spreading the Word

Support Group Leader's Toolkit

Spreading the Word

If you are starting or trying to grow a Young Onset Support Group, be sure to inform the APDA National Young Onset Center and your local APDA Information & Referral Center about your group. We can help you spread the word. You may also try some of these other ideas.

Support Group Announcement Letter (Sample)

Dear Healthcare Provider,

We are writing to let you know about a NEW Young Onset Parkinson's Support Group we forming in the area.

As you know, young onset Parkinson's disease often presents the younger patient and family with a host of life challenges which can be quite different from those faced by people who are diagnosed later in life. Though "young onset" is typically defined as "diagnosis under the age of 40," or "under 50," we broaden the definition to include those who may be a bit older at diagnosis but continue routine activities and responsibilities such as parenting, employment, volunteer work, etc.

It is our goal to become a resource to help affected individuals and those who care for and about them:

  • Learn about PD, treatments, news, and research
  • Connect with others who understand their challenges firsthand
  • Share and create ideas for better self-care
  • Inspire one another to be strong and improve overall quality of life
  • Utilize their own experiences to help others

We hope you will keep this new Young Onset Support Group in mind and refer your young patients who may be interested in visiting an area meeting.

Please also accept the enclosed copy of (Young Onset APDA Newsletter) as a resource for your patients of any age who may benefit from the valuable information and perspectives included therein, especially the newly diagnosed.

Thank you for your time and efforts on behalf of the Parkinson's community.


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