Young Onset Support Groups

If you are young and Parkinson’s disease is impacting your life, consider starting or joining an early onset Parkinson’s support group.

Why Become a Leader? 

People become Parkinson's support groups leaders for a variety of reasons including:

  • Wanting a young onset-specific group to be available in their area
  • Feeling it's important to "give back," and help others learn from their experience.
  • Knowing first-hand how important the caregiving role is and offering family members and friends a place to share their feelings and get support.
  • Being a healthcare professional with particular interest in PD.

Why Become a Member?

People join Parkinson's disease support groups for a variety of reasons including:

  • Wanting to connect with other young people with similar experiences.
  • Needing some emotional and practical support in managing PD.
  • Finding advocacy or fundraising partners.

Contact us or your local APDA Chapter or Information & Referral Center and let us help you find the group closest to you.

Support Group Leaders Toolkit


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