My Mommy Has PD, But It's Okay!

My Mommy Has PD, But It's Okay!

Topics: family, children, and relationships

A Guide For Young Children About Parkinson's Disease

Often parents wish to protect young children from the distressing occurrences in life.  However, even young children can tell when something is different or "wrong" with someone they love.They may become frightened if they are not provided with the acknowledgement and explanations regarding what they are observing. This booklet was developed to assist you in talking with your child about Parkinson's disease and in answering some of the more common questions children ask about the disease.  It is our hope that this booklet will provide an opportunity for discussion within families and will be beneficial to all who have have been looking for a way to talk and share feelings about Parkinson's disease.

"My Mommy has PD...But It's Okay!" was written for a third grade reading level.  It can also be used as a read-aloud booklet for younger children.  You, of course, can substitute "Daddy" for "Mommy" or use the name of any loved one.  We hope this book will help young families with Parkinson's disease "ease the burden" until we "find the cure."

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