Your Guide to Parkinson's Resources

Whether you are considering going back to school, or you have a child who is planning to go to college, can help you to locate available scholarships as well as provide information about grants and student loans. They also have helpful links to resources such as tips for writing an application essay, tuition reimbursement, avoiding scholarship scams and tips for saving for college. 

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Through the Looking Glass

3075 Adeline St. Suite 120
Berkley, CA 94703
(800) 644-2666

This organization awards college scholarships to graduating high school seniors or college students under the age of 21 who have at least one disabled parent. The number of scholarships and the dollar amounts of each vary from year to year. Students seeking consideration by this organization should plan on applying early This Web site also offers tips on finding other funding sources to pay for college.
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This Web site provides information about college loans, scholarships, military aid, and using savings to pay tuition costs. An Expected Family Contribution calculator is available to provide families with a rough estimation of their tuition contribution amount versus the amount they may be able to obtain from various sources of financial aid.
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Fast Web

444 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 3000
Chicago, IL 60611

Fast Web is a national scholarship matching service. By creating a profile and answering some questions, Site users are able to submit an education profile and receive a listing of available personalized financial aid opportunities. NOTE: Use caution when answering questions as it is easy to mistakenly request information from schools or educational programs being advertised on the site.
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830 First Street NE
Washington, DC 20447
(800) 433-3243

FAFSA is the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid Web site. Most financial aid options require that students complete a FAFSA as their first step in the process of obtaining financial assistance with education costs.
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This Web site is maintained by Sallie Mae, Inc., the US government agency providing funding for student loans. Visitors to this Web site can learn about the lending process, potential lenders, and loan and repayment options.
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Find Local Assistance

Your local Information and Referral Center Coordinator can provide you with referrals and make sure you know about the educational and support activities available in your community.