Your Guide to Parkinson's Resources

A network of licensed and professional counselors, therapists, and psychologists who can be contacted by phone, webcam, or messaging. This website enables you to find the right counselor for any mental health issue. To begin your search for help, click on the link and enter your zip code/city and begin the healing process.  

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The United Way provides free and confidential information and referrals to assist with food, housing, employment, health care, counseling, and many other needs. Web site visitors can search for organizations by city, state, or ZIP Code, and refine their results by using keyword searches to find services that may be available in their areas.
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1350 Edgmont Avenue, Suite 1100
Chester, PA 19013
(866) 472-3266

This Web site lists graduate schools of study in the field of neuropsychology. Visitors to this site can contact a school in their area to find out if the school offers a neuropsychology clinic, where patients may be seen at a reduced fee, or on a sliding fee scale. Such clinics may also offer neuropsychological testing.
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Find Local Assistance

Your local Information and Referral Center Coordinator can provide you with referrals and make sure you know about the educational and support activities available in your community.