One Day

Diagnosed at 42

It all started one day as a joke to my buddy that my arm was shaking uncontrollably, and I said that I might have PD. Well after my family doctor was told he said it was my nerves or something else.  He told me it was not PD, but he sent me to a neurologist just to make sure. Then he did not do anything but an MRI and sent me to the Medical College of Georgia to see a team of doctors, and they made the diagnosis that I had PD.

All this was in 2004, and since then all this time has passed.  I do pretty well when the drugs kick in.  I have pain in my right leg and my left shoulder all the time.  My doctor said it was not from the PD, but I know better. That's what is frustrating - trying to tell someone how you feel day to day. Because I never know how I am going to feel day to day.  I guess you have to have PD to know. He's a good doctor, but he has no clue. Well, seven years have passed and alot has happened, like I lost my job because my employer said I was a safety hazard, and that took out my insurance. I was lucky because I had always saved up money for emergencies, and boy did it help. So I applied for social security disability, and after 15 months I finally got approved. Now I am waiting the 24 months until my Medicare kicks in. And lets not go into the medication nightmare I go through to get my pills for free.

Not sure what the future will bring, but I keep hope alive because I know alot of good people are working on a cure. So god bless these people and there families, and one day I hope PD will be a thing of the past.


I am very sorry to hear of the ongoing problems you've had with Parkinson's; I believe it is truly devastating, but I also believe PD sufferers have to try to live the best life possible, while considering all options available, and carefully. I am soon to be tested for Parkinson's as I have almost every early-onset (YOPD) symptom there is in the book. Hang in there. Keep hope alive, like you said, I think (from reading others' stories) that hope (and exercise - as difficult as that may be!!!) are indeed fighting this disease and bringing more happiness to the patient, as well as his or family members who struggle with it too.

shannon, Jun 13, 2012


I am 53 years old and was diagonosed in 2005. I have a question. Do you take any "ED" medications? If so were you taking ED meds before you were diagonosed with Parkinesons?

If you were taking any ed meds please let me know.

Jerry, Oct 4, 2012

I am 38 years old and i am having uncontrollable tremors in almost all of my hands, feet facial areas, even while sleeping. Its putting me under immense pressure as i have no added income, two small children to look after, no money. My youngest son is aged 3 and needs lot of care. is there any cure for this dreaded disease, pls suggest anyone, i am from India. My mother suffers from PD , but after age 55.thanks. I hope God would provide healing.

ashha, Feb 28, 2014


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