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Taking Things One Day at a Time

Diagnosed at 36

Where do I begin? One year I'm bringing home my second bundle of joy, three years later there are things that are starting to happen. Worst of all, I can't explain to my husband what's going on. I always figured that I was going through a phase and would get over it. Little did I know that this phase would last a lifetime! 

In 2007 I had my thyroid checked because I was feeling sluggish. I was informed that it must be pre-menopausal symptoms. Then an occasional tremor would start in my legs, switch position and all was good. My only thought: that's odd. Then, the tremors began to get worse. In 2009 my whole body was shaking inside. When I had my thyroid checked again I was told I needed to see a neurologist. At this point, I sunk; my boys at this time were eight and four. I had them to live for!

I had slowly begun to use humor to help myself keep from breaking down I explained to my neuro, "I know what a beach ball feels like at a baseball game!", meaning that my nerves would hit one at a time going from spot to spot. Ultimately, he said it was tremors; I was only 35 at the time. 

In the spring of 2011 things took a turn for the worse! I told my neuro that I thought it was time to see a specialist, he agreed. I was sent to a movement disorder specialist who confirmed it was YOPD, six days before I turned 37. 

My motto is: Just because I am a statistic does not mean I have to nor do I want to be treated like one! I take things one day at a time. The ladies I teach with are the best support in the world! They laugh with me when I crack jokes about the things I do: my walking, my right arm shaking, and other things. They also cheer me on when needed. Yet, the one person who helps me the most: my husband- he’s my rock!


Loved your story because like you, I have yopd and I have determined to use humor as a means to an end. In that, I refuse to let the jerk (yopd) win. I admire your courage and have always felt that part of what made this madness bearable is knowing my wife is ok. But I humbly suggest that you root your strength in God for He is the One, from which all our help comes. And as I always say, Keep looking up...Blessings, Harley

Harley Verner, Mar 16, 2012


I do put my life in God's hands, without Him I wouldn't have my husband. Our match was made by Him while we were in college. I also thank God everyday for what He has and continues to do for me.

Melissa Myers, Mar 16, 2012

You are my inspiration. You are always upbeat and positive. Not an easy feat when you have PD, teach all day, and have a young/active family. I am so glad that we "met" via facebook.

Debbie Fourcand, Apr 9, 2012


Even though I do not have Parkinsons, I have the honor and privilege to call Melissa my friend. I am the nurse where she teaches and not once has she ever held a pity party. She works tirelessly with her students and requires them to do their best without excuse. She has set the standard for her students and requires no more from them than she does from herself. Her two boys are amazing and steady as a rock, just like their mom. The disease does not control her, she controls it and how it effect her attitude. I know I can speak for all of the staff. We love and respect her and know she is where she needs to be. She is an example to all of us. The lemon that life has handed her, makes darn good lemonade!

debbie hill, Apr 10, 2012


Melissa, wonderful attitude. Life brings about so many twists and turns in the road we're on, but you are taking it in stride! I find that my sudden slowness tends to navigate these twists and turns a little has become much more appreciated and i am grateful for all of the wonderful things i may not have noticed when i was speeding through! PD is yucky, but to experience life with new perspective, i think I am lucky!

Thanks for ur story. It's nice to see such a great outlook on life

angela, Apr 23, 2012


This life: a gamut of emotionsindeed! I like your poem. I've read it a few times. I porlabby could read it at least a few more and still get something new out of it each time. That's impressive!

Asami, Apr 27, 2012


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