Love Does Overcome

Diagnosed at 39

My story of life with Parkinson’s began in 2009 during my divorce from my first wife. That’s when the first tremors in my right hand first began. It started in what I’ve come to find out is a fairly common twitching of the thumb and index finger. Although this seemed curious to me, I just assumed it was the stress and anxiety of a failed marriage and the knowledge that my friends and family had been right all along.

So the twitching went on for about a year and as my life began to settle down, the tremors continued to get worse. That’s when I really started to get concerned that something could be seriously wrong. My doctor referred me to a neurologist who examined me for approximately 10 minutes before diagnosing me with Essential Tremor. I will always remember how he made a point of assuring me it was just Essential Tremor and wasn’t anything else like Parkinson’s disease. This is the point at which I wish medical diagnosis came with a money back guarantee.

Well by now it had been almost two years since my divorce and I had been dating on and off. I was living with the tremors which continue to get progressivelyWade2 worse. So it’s at this point that I met the woman whom I fell in love with. She accepted me with my flaws, both physical and emotional. If was with her urging and support that I had my doctor refer me to a different neurologist for a second opinion. This was the doctor who would forever change my life with the Parkinson’s diagnosis. I was stunned! Even at the age of 39, I knew that I was too young for Parkinson’s. But my doctor took me through the symptoms, and they matched perfectly what I had been experiencing. So I sat there trying to absorb this new information, with my new love holding my hand.

Some people have shared stories of how Parkinson’s destroyed their relationships. I’m here to tell you that does not have to be the case. My wife and I were married about six months after my diagnosis. We have our good days and our bad days, as would any new marriage with a blended family. But love does overcome. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know I can face it with my family and friends.

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