Employer Appreciation Program

For employers who deserve our recognition and appreciation.

The APDA Employer Appreciation Program

Some young people with Parkinson's disease feel they must hide their symptoms from their employer. They are afraid disclosure of their diagnosis will have a negative outcome. Others are honest with their employer, either right away or at some point down the road, and discover a surprising level of understanding and support. Ken's experience was like that:


My employer has provided accommodations well beyond any regulatory or moral obligation. I have been able to use flex time and time off to attend doctors appointments, support groups, and even to raise funds to help "Ease the Burden - Find the Cure" for Parkinson's disease. I believe efforts that so greatly benefit one member of the Parkinson’s community benefit the community as a whole and want to thank my employer, Como Lube & Supplies, Inc. of Duluth, MN for their continued support.

At Ken's request, APDA and the National Young Onset Center created the Employer Appreciation Program. Ken's employer is the inaugural recipient of the program's Certificate of Appreciation. If you or someone you know would like to nominate an employer for going above and beyond to make continued employment possible, please complete the nomination form below and return it to us at: young@apdaparkinson.org, subject line:  Employee Appreciation. 

Employer Appreciation Nomination Form


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