Clinical Trials

Clinical research and trials are essential to the development of new therapies and Parkinson’s drugs. They contribute directly to the growing body of research on Parkinson’s.

By participating in clinical trials, people with early onset Parkinson's play a more active role in your own healthcare and you can gain access to new Parkinson's treatments before they become widely available. New therapies and treatments cannot be approved for the general public until they have gone through several phases of clinical trial.

Deciding whether or not to participate in a Parkinson's clinical trial is an important personal decision. If you are interested in clinical trials, your physician(s) as well as family members or friends can help you make an informed decision.

Be aware that there are many different kinds of trials, some that involve medication and some that do not, some that involve exercise and some that do not. You may also want to talk with your doctor or movement disorders center and ask about smaller, local clinical trials.

To find out more about clinical trials in general, and those related specifically to Parkinson's disease, visit:

  •  An advocacy organization for those with Parkinson's whose goal is to increase clinical trial participation and accelerate approved treatment options.
  •  Allows you to search for clinical trials by medical condition or other criteria. Also an excellent resource for general information about clinical trials.
    Offers information about clinical research, including clinical trial listings (industry and government sponsored), and updates about new approved drug therapies.
  • Fox Trial Finder was developed by The Michael J. Fox Foundation to help people find opportunities to participate in Parkinson's clinical trials.




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